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We are supported by Chiseldon Parish Council who provide the venue for our museum.

Chiseldon Local History Group

Chiseldon Local History Group was formed to record and preserve objects and information related to the Parish of Chiseldon and where possible to make this
available to the public either through publications or in our museum.

Elaine 2 - dig.jpg

Replica Chiseldon cauldron

Finding the cauldrons

Elaine 1 - cauldron resized.jpg

As it might have looked



Our next meeting is on Wednesday, 19 June 2024 in Holy Cross Church Hall, Butts Rd, SN4 0NN at 7.30pm when the subject is ‘Ticket to Ride – Victorian Railways’ presented by Judy Rouse. In Victorian times, Britain’s railway network grew rapidly. In the 1840s ‘railway mania’ saw a frenzy of investment and speculation. Huge amounts were spent on building the railways from 1845 to 1900, extending the network throughout the nation. By 1870, 423 million passenger journeys were taking place annually on 16,000 miles of track. The railway system offered new chances for travel, holidays, transporting goods, developing businesses and the growth of towns and cities. The distance between town and countryside was erased. Dairy produce and fish could be delivered easily to different parts of the country within hours. Increased communication allowed for the spread of ideas and national newspapers. A standardized time was introduced across Britain as trains were timetabled. The mobility of labour and maintenance of law and order were made easier. Of course, the railway network also stimulated the coal and iron industries but led to the decline of the canal system. Judy will tell us all about this story. Come along and get a flavour of what it was like to travel during this period.

                                                 KATE TRYON EXHIBITION

From 1pm until 4pm, on Saturday, 13 July 2024, Holy Cross Church in Chiseldon will be holding a village Fete and Craft Fair. On the day of the fete, Swindon Museum of Art will be exhibiting, in the church, a selection of original paintings by Kate Tryon. Kate was an American 20th century landscape artist who lived and worked locally and was a admirer and colleague of Richard Jefferies. If you miss seeing the paintings in Holy Cross Church, Chiseldon Museum, which is open every Saturday afternoon until September, has an exhibition of photographs of these paintings. They are scenes of local cottages and landmarks around Chiseldon and Coate. 

If you enjoy history, particularly local history, why not join Chiseldon Local History Group!
Come and join one of our meetings in Holy Cross Church Hall, Butts Road, Chiseldon, SN4 0NN
at 7.30pm on the third Wednesday of each month (except for August and December).
Annual membership is £20. If you are a visitor, there is a charge of £5 per meeting.

For our programme of speakers, please see Programme page.

The Museum is now open every  Saturday, from 2pm until 4pm
until the end of September 2024



Our new publication

A Walk Around Old Chiseldon

will be available for purchase at our regular meetings and will be available shortly in our local shops.

For a list of books and pamphlets for sale please see our Publications page.

During the months of April to September you can visit our museum in the
Old Chapel, Butts Road, Chiseldon, SN4 0NN,
which is open on Saturday afternoons from 2pm until 4pm.
Entry is free of charge and the building is wheelchair accessible.


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